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15-Week Nutrition & Workout Program
Finally Make That Breakthrough With Your Physique and Become Lean & Sculpted In 15-Weeks Flat!
All workouts and course material are entirely digital.
ONE single payment of $24.99.
The 105-day fit-mORE Bluprint is the #1 system for burning fat and Losing weight FAST.
From: Carriesa
Extreme Fat-Burn & Weight Loss Training!
A $479 Value for just a one-time fee of...
  • Benefit: Our products are delivered immediately
  • 34 Unique Workouts
  •  6 Training Videos
  •   Personalized Food Journal
  •  Fat Melting Recipes Book
  •  Day-By-Day Workout Calendar
  •  Workout Itinerary 
  •  Step-By-Step Six Pack Guide (Video)
  •  Exclusive Snapchat Contact Info
Extreme Fat-Burn Diet!
Remove ALL of the guesswork when it comes to your nutrition while following the FIT-MORE: NUTRITION guide.. With easy to make, low calorie, high protein meal and snack ideas; you’ll be burning fat and carving lean muscle easier than ever before!
Stop eating bland, tasteless, boring meals that leave you hungry after 30 minutes. 

Eat food you LOVE, feel full afterwards and TRANSFORM your body with this Fat Melting Recipe Book!
15-Week Fit-MORE Blueprint Transformation
My Own Transformation:
34 pounds down in 9 weeks!
249 pounds
AFTER (Week 9)
215 pounds
See How Others Progress...
Brandon's Journey!
Lost 28lbs!
Tiffany's Journey!
Lost 47 lbs!
Melanie's Journey!
Lost 35 lbs! 
Cassandria's Journey!
Lost 68 lbs!
Jazmine's Journey!
Lost 29 lbs!
Riya's Journey!
Lost 17 lbs!
Sia's Journey!
Lost 14 lbs!
Anvi's Journey!
Lost 26 lbs!
Video Reviews
Steve's FIT-MORE Review!
You're Ready To Make A Change...
Now All You NEED Is A Plan.
Learn The Best, & THEN Achieve the Best!
There's ONLY 2 Things You Need To Do To See Results:
Each week you’ll complete 3 workouts in 45 minutes. The weight training will be completed first, followed by a 10-15 minute cardio or core routine. Every workout is unique, and is designed to challenge the body in new ways to consistently ensure fat loss and lean muscle building. 
What’s more important than the workouts you’ll be doing? HOW you execute them. Condensed rest periods, along with Progressive Overload Training will allow you to stimulate maximal results and will increase the efficiency of your workouts. Spend 1/2 the time in the gym, 2x your results. 
  • Narrow Your Waist 
  •  Finally Lose Those Stubborn Pounds
  •  Carve Lean, Sculpted Muscle 
  •  Never Have A Muffin Top AGAIN!
Rather, it comes down to 1 simple principle…Progressive Overload Training. This is achieved by demanding a little bit more out of your body with each and every workout. In addition to shaking things up with your workouts to prevent your body from adapting to training, and thus preventing plateaus.
"But Carriesa, this seems like every other workout program I've ever seen..."
It's NOT, and Here's WHY:
AviOdd's FIT-MORE Blueprint turns body transformation into a science. The days of spending 1.5-2 hours in the gym, training with 15 exercises are over.
The AviOdd Fit-MORE Blueprint Is The New Science of Body Transformation...
This is achieved by turning every second of your workout into a results-driven opportunity. Every exercise, every set, and every rep is focused on maximizing your results.
The Secret: Progressive OVERLOAD Training
When it comes to maximizing fat loss and muscular growth; it comes down to more than simply spending every waking second working-out.
Here's What You'll Get Inside The Fit-MORE Blueprint Membership Area:
34 Unique Workouts, 5+ Training Videos, and MORE!
Every few weeks you'll begin a new phase that's designed to keep your body 15-weeks you'll be totally shredded!
34 Unique Workouts
7 Training Videos
Ebook Getting Shredded Ebook
Lauren Rhode's Recipe eBook
Day-By-Day Workout Calendar
Exclusive Snapchat Contact Info
Food Journal
Phase 1- Build (6 Weeks)
Begin your journey with me in Phase 1. Here I'll introduce you to the super-sets, progressive overload, and hypertrophy training principles that will be used to begin carving your lean physique in the first 6 weeks.
Phase 2-Sculpt & Carve (9 Weeks)
Here we’ll intensify our workouts and level up the training with more volume and exercise variety to stimulate further results. With this phase we’ll accelerate our fat loss, as you begin carving out a leaner physique than you've ever had.

Complete the Fit-MORE: Blueprint Program with the 3rd and final phase. Here we’ll introduce 14 new fat scorching, muscle building exercises to put the final touches on your new lean, sculpted physique. This phase will be broken up into 3 "levels". Each level is more intense, and more results driven than the one prior.
"These workouts are going to radically change the way you see training and getting a KILLER body!"
You'll Also Receive A MAJOR Tool To Make The Program Even Easier to Follow:
Day-By-Day Workout Calendar, Itinerary, & Food Journal!
This will lay out your exact workouts you need to follow for the next 15 weeks to get you totally shredded!
FREE Workout Intinerary
FREE Food Journal Worksheets
FREE recipe eBook by Lauren Rhodes
By enrolling in my program, you’ll also be granted EXCLUSIVE access to my personal Snapchat contact info. With this, you can follow up with me at any time if you have any questions in regards to content in the program, or anything fitness/ nutrition related. 
Our Fitness Experts!
Lauren Rhodes
CrossFit Expert, Bodybuilder
Fitness Trainer
Fitness Trainer and Bodybuilder, Lauren Rhodes is no stranger to hard work and helping others. Rhodes began her weight loss journey five years ago. She started by getting her eating habits completely under control before she started working out and from just that ALONE, she lost ten pounds. Afterwards, she began doing at home workouts with DVD's that ranged from Jillian Michaels to p90x and even to Insanity. When she became comfortable with her body, she went into the gym setting where she incorporated a huge amount of cardio that helped her lost weight with very little strength training. Even then, she felt as though something was missing, so she joined Goldsfit at Gold's Gym in College Station, Texas and there blossomed her intense love for crossfit. From then on, she has entered various competitions and was presented an opportunity to participate in a bodybuilding comp. Rhodes then took on an opportunity to be prepped by one of her good friends for a total of sixteen weeks. She stated that "ít was an absolutely breathtaking and amazing experience" She has also competed in fittess games in Austin, TX and in the NFF Figure Show in League City, TX: winning second place in her height class. Rhodes would tell anyone "don't limit your fitness" and try ALL genres. Fitness is about you as an individual, don't allow yourself to be put in a box
If Sold Entirely On Their Own, You're Looking At Over $400+ Worth Of Workouts, Guides and Training Tools...
Regularly Priced At...
But Today You'll Receive This All For... 
Today's Price: $24.99!
"NOW Is Your Time To Finally Transform & Fit-MORE!"
By: Carriesa Porch, Author
A lot of people say they want that lean, defined know, the one that gets all the attention. But if you really want that physique, its time to put the excuses to the side, and make your first few steps towards achieving it!
Here's the best part; I'm going to make that SUPER easy for you. There's no thinking required. Simply click the "Download" button below! I'll guide you through Week 1, all the way to Week 15. Simply follow the step-by-step format of the program, complete the workouts, and you WILL get that body that'll have people asking you just "how you did it". I know that's what you want for yourself. Simply click the "Download" button below, order the 15-Week FIT-MORE: BLUEPRINT, and we'll see you on the other side!
Get $20 Cash For FREE!
Complete the program, send in your Before & After pictures, and I'll send you $20 CASH!
***Members ONLY***
Grab Your Copy Now!
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
All workouts and course material are entirely digital.
The entire 15-Week FIT-MORE: BLUEPRINT backed by my generous 100%, 30-day money back guarantee. That means; if you and everyone you know isn't 100% blown-away by your results, simply request a refund, and receive 100% of your money back!
At This Very Moment, The ONLY Thing You Should Be Thinking Is....
YES, I Want To Carve A Lean, Sculpted Physique Faster Than EVER!
Send me the entire 15-Week FIT-MORE: BLUEPRINT program with my FREE gifts at the low price of $24.99. I Understand that the 15-Week FIT-MORE: BLUEPRINT Program also comes with an extremely generous 30-day money back guarantee.
All workouts and course material are entirely digital.
ONE single payment of $24.99.
You're Going To Be Blown-Away With Your Results By The Time You're Finished!
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